Intracell Research Group’s mission is simple and unwavering; to help reduce human suffering related to chronic intracellular infection.

Intracell serves as a vital connector-piece between the physicians and researchers actively publishing in this field. We educate other healthcare providers with the peer-reviewed research on this site, raise awareness by publishing articles on the various diseases linked to infection, and help identify sources of funding for further research.

This underestimated cause deserves a sense of urgency.


When we step back from all of the available research on infection and chronic human disease, it is really compelling. While there are still missing pieces to the puzzle, like for example, a prospective, randomized, controlled antibiotic trial in Alzheimer’s, there is enough evidence to prompt a shift in research funding. For this reason, the goals of this group are simple:

  • Shed light on published literature within the research and medical community to enhance knowledge and spur interest in this concept.
  • Connect physicians and researchers to one another to advance the pace of innovation through collaboration and sharing.
  • Identify and stimulate sources of funding for the researchers working in this space.
  • Replacing the word “idiopathic” in the diseases correlated with chronic infection one disease at a time by garnering proof of concept.