Healthcare Providers

Welcome to Intracell Research Group (IRG)! Intracellular pathogens like Chlamydia pneumoniae have been strongly implicated in the initiation and pathogenesis of many idiopathic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. This site is the home to peer-reviewed research and articles on a variety of these conditions and pathogens. The idea is to see the body of information in one concise location.

Designed for healthcare providers, each piece of literature is annotated and linked to the publication. Regarding this in a macro view sheds light on the importance of intracellular infection. In healthcare everything is specialized, which makes good sense in terms of honing expertise. However, stepping back is just as crucial. The epidemiological view of this research is quite compelling and funding for further exploration is desperately needed.


If you’re a patient, welcome to you, too! This is a resource that provides a place to direct your primary care doctor or specialist to access this information.

This has been created in collaboration with the IRG Scientific Advisory Board and with the sole purpose of reducing human suffering related to these infections.