Dr. Brian J. Balin, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Balin is the Director of the Center for Chronic Disorders of Aging – Basic Science at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He is the Chair of the Department of Bio-Medical Sciences and Professor of Neuroscience and Neuropathology. 

Dr. Balin teaches in both the DO and Biomedical masters programs. He lectures and participates in case presentations and laboratory sessions on a variety of subjects including: neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neurodegeneration, neuropathology, general pathology, molecular basis of cancer, and infectious disease.

Dr. Balin is an internationally-recognized expert in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease research. He is highly published in peer-reviewed journals, and has written a number of chapters and reviews on the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease, including reviews on the “Pathogen Hypothesis” of this disease (see live discussion section, www.alzforum.org). In addition, he has presented and continues to present his work at major national and international scientific meetings including a number of international and world congresses on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.