Unsure of where the last domino ultimately falls, I can guarantee a few things: I will share this story and help as many people as possible, I will be light for all of the others crying in the dark, and I will gobble up as many maple syrup kisses as humanly possible. While the exact progression of my illness might statistically be an “n of 1”, I am most certainly not alone, and neither are you. Read More


A few bugs in particular continue to stand out, and have the ability to illicit an intense inflammatory response. One is Chlamydia pneumoniae, an intracellular organism known to cause respiratory infections. Scientists have shown the organisms path from the nerves in nasal passages for the sense of smell (olfaction) to the common sites of damage first observed in Alzheimer’s brains. Read More


A brief introduction to the concept of infectious causation to Alzheimer’s and dementia. A call to action for DISRUPTION. A redirection of research funding to address the credible body of research implicating bacteria and viruses in the development of the disease is called for. Discover Intracell Research Group on YouTube!

Discover the reason why you haven’t heard about Alzheimer’s and Infection

Let’s clarify the pieces of the puzzle related to INFECTION in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

NEW VIDEO!!! World Alzheimer’s Day 2019 – A Call To Action – time to test anti-bacterial therapy in Alzheimer’s Disease