When we step back from all of the available research on infection and chronic human disease, it is really compelling.  While there are still missing pieces to the puzzle, there is enough evidence to prompt a shift in research funding.  For this reason, the goals of this group are simple:
  • Shed light on published literature within the research and medical community to enhance knowledge and spur interest in this concept.
  • Connect physicians and researchers to one another to advance the pace of innovation through collaboration and sharing.
  • Identify and stimulate sources of funding for the researchers working in this space.
  • Replacing the word “idiopathic” in the diseases correlated with chronic infection one disease at a time by garnering proof of concept.
“I have been in regular contact with Nikki since 2017 and a scientific board member for Intracell Research Group. Nikki is a critical thinker with the ability to bring people together to solve important problems. While she will tell you that she is not a scientist, she is way better at explaining complex areas of biomedical and clinical science than many of us who do this everyday. Nikki has demonstrated the ability to listen to all sides of the scientific arguments and objectively bring together people with a variety of expertise. Her collaborative corralling of scientists boasts a national and international reach, as she brings people to the table to think outside of the box and find meaningful solutions to complex problems. She has been diligent in identifying stakeholders and potential funding sources for projects designed to move this field forward, with the hope of finding effective therapeutic interventions.”

Wilmore Webley, Ph.D.