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More research is desperately needed to address the issue of intracellular infections like Chlamydia pneumoniae.  Much of the work done in Arthritis, Alzheimers, Heart Disease and MS was done nearly a decade ago (or more in some cases).  It is exceedingly difficult to procure research funding in general, but even more-so when a condition is treatable with a generic medication.  The antibiotics which address these infections are in fact generic, which precludes pharmaceutical company involvement in studies.


The challenges of eradicating infections like C. pneuomonaie or even C. trachomatis undeniably point in the direction of a vaccine.  To date there has been progress made, but a truly effective vaccine is not yet available.  There are scientists working on this, like Dr. Wilmore Webley at UMASS, but the research funding is extremely difficult to come by.  As seen in the cardiovascular studies on this site, it is likely important to catch the infection before disease progression is too advanced.  What better way to address this than to prevent the infection from ever entering our cells?